Lunar Earth Collection - Vines of the Moon

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The Vines of the Moon necklace opens our hearts up to the gifts of Mother Earth.  Made with the intention to help us connect deeply with the earth beneath our feet and to all of nature.  We are of this earth.  May we nurture our own hearts and soul while tending to the needs of this beautiful planet that holds us so sweetly. 

Vines of the Moon is a one of a kind creation.  Its the only one, so scoop it up now if it speaks to you! 

This collection honors the connection between all living things. The moon creates the tides, and the water shapes the land: Just as we are affected by our landscape, by the earth, by the water, by the people and animals in our life, and even by our own thoughts and feelings. May we all do our part to be good to the earth, the water and live a harmonious life on this magical planet that we all call home.

Moonstones are sprinkled throughout this necklace to help bring us back to our balance in heart and mind. Moonstone strengthens our inner peace, assists in clearing negativity, and helps to enhances intuition.

I created this necklace using traditional macrame techniques. It features a brass moon, brass beads, and other handcrafted brass pieces including a handcrafted brass clasp.  There is love tied into each and every knot and you can feel it as soon as you put on this necklace! 

Each creation sold plants a Native tree in the Amazon Rainforest! However, this necklace plants two trees!  Treat yourself to something special today! 

The Lunar Earth Collection - Vines of the Moon is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

Inventory Last Updated: May 19, 2024